Ice Machines & Safety

ManufacturerProduct TypeWebsite
Manitowoc Product Line: Undercounter Ice Machines, Countertop Ice Machines, Hotel Dispensers

Manitowoc is a member of the Welbilt family of companies.
BioZoneProduct Line: Ice Machine Disinfection and Kitchen Safety Solutions.

Biozone offers award-winning point solutions for safety and virus disinfection, including:

  • Ice machine disinfection, purifying the air and surfaces inside any ice machine eliminating viruses, bacteria and organic growth

  • Removal of oil, grease, and odors from kitchen hoods, air ducts, and exhaust systems
FollettProduct Line: Ice Machines, Ice & Water Dispensers, Ice & Beverage Dispensers, Ice Transport & Storage, Water Filtration

Since 1948 Follett LLC has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice machines, ice and water dispensers, and ice and beverage dispensers for the global foodservice industry.
HoweProduct Line: Flake Ice Machines

For over 100 years, Howe has been the global leader and continues to be the best choice for flake ice and refrigeration equipment.